Unstoppable Sledgehammer – be aware the new  Sledgehammer Nosejob album
“Stop! Hammertime!“ out 16th january 2017 – Expect to be pounded as well!
So you´re interested in extreme face corrections?
Here you can follow the Sledgehammer Bitch!


Today we’re happy to share some great news with you guys.
The filthy old school Death Metal demolition squad REVEL IN FLESH stikes back!
Their long awaited new album is already recorded and mixed with the king of SweDeath himself, Dan Swanö. This brandnew 10 track killer recordings will be named
“Emissary Of All Plagues“.

Defying Danger Records is proud to present from this amazing new masterpiece in old school Death Metal a very limited Tape Edition for collectors only! This will be striclty limited to 300 handnumbered copies, released at the D.D.R. Tapeseries #18

It sees the light of day on the day of the 12th of december 2016 to cover everything with fuckin´ darkness!

As foretaste, there is this official lyric-video from the titel track of the album “Emissary Of All Plagues“ – play it loud!


ORGANISM are confirmed now for Gahlen Moscht 2017!
The fucking Ground in „Klein Buckow“ now belong to them!
So let´s breake loose a hell grinding storm next year @Gahlen Moscht 2017

Sledgehammer Nosejob New-Signing

The Sledgehammers and Defying Danger Records are very pleased to announce their collaboration.Both are currently busy with sharpening the tools for the upcoming operation and will keep you up to date.

After starting out as a studioproject and unleashing their spoils on the world wide (spiders) web,both Fredde Kaddeth and Carl Assault were eager to bring their mutilations on stage.

Joining them on their crusades are Casper le Gras (bass), Marco Prij (drums, also playing in DISTILLATOR and Gideon (drums), also playing in MASSIVE ASSAULT.

Their second livegig was at the (in)famous Protzen Open Air and more gigs followed.
Meanwhile both Sledgehammers were getting more and more questions about an actual release.

And now it’s finally time to announce that this will be happening in the very near future!
Expect to be sledgehammered by a lethal mixture of Death Metal, Crust, Rock ’n‘ Roll, Thrash & Punk- in your face!!!

Slaugterday-Tape Stapel_Homepage

It is finished now – the 2nd SLAUGHTERDAY album “Laws Of the Occult” out on TAPE!
This is Death Metal in Champions League Quality-Brutal, honest and genuine.

10 tracks are pure rancid Death Metal a slightly more morbid overall sound than previously.
An exciting selection on top, SLAUGHTERDAY covered “Plunging To Megadeth“, the classic opening track of “Tales Of Terror“ by HALLOWS EVE!

This is a very enjoyable release, and it´s recommend this for anyone who has a taste for the old school death metal in the vain of AUTOPSY or CARCASS. Enjoy it with the D.D.R. Tapeseries #17 !!!

Necromorph@InFlammen 2016

NECROMOPRH are confirmed for the In Flammen Open Air 2016!!!
Let´s make the Tøtäl Necrö Infection on the best metal garden party of the world!

Necromoprh_Under The Flag_CD OUT NOW

Full house today – NECROMORPHS’s new outstanding album „Under The Flag“
is already out on CD!
This masterpiece of grinding metal invasion with 15 tracks of Tøtäl Necrö Infection will smash you, because the mills of grindcore rattles at highest level!
Here will hammered & chiseled, here will riffs be forged into missiles!
It will be a great pleasure for all fans of ROTTEN SOUND, GENERAL SURGERY or NASUM!

„Under The Flag“ is is also available in Bundle with T-Shirt, Girlie or their first album „Grinding Black Zero’“ under the new Defying Danger banner „Decades of Grind“-
Check it out & complete your Necrö collection!

HarmonyDies_Tape-Cover Innen-Aussen Out Now HP

Magnificent news from the Deying Danger Records Headquarter.
Today finally impact here with full force, the 15th strike from the D.D.R. Tapes Series!
It´s HARMONY DIES with their 4th album „Indecent Paths Of A Ramifying Darkness“.
The tape version included extra special bonus for all collectors. The long time -out of print- debut album „Slaughtered“, comes as celebration from the 20 years anniversary on top!
So you get 45 minutes of uncouth and directly without any frippery!
Limited handnumbered 300 copies only, you have to order NOW!

SLAUGHTERDAY_Bandfoto mit Logo

We are more than proud to announce our next Release on DEFYING DANGER RECORDS this summer. It´s gonna be the new Killer Album “Laws Of The Occult” of our two german old school Death Metal Brothers SLAUGHTERDAY from Leer.
As D.D.R. Tapeseries #17 you can purchase this music(k) demolition pear from the rotten 6th of june 2016 @ your shop.
In the waiting period, you can easily relax or destroy your home with the new videoclip – „Sepulchral Ways“ from this up-coming album – is your choice…


The Blastdivision NECRO is ready for the next assault and will release their new album „Under the Flag“ on May the 5th through Defying Danger Records! Fans of NASUM, ROTTEN SOUND or ENABLER will love it! Sneak into the Tracklist right now and have a small sample of the Album later on, with the brandnew track WORKUTA. Your full album copy with 10% pre-sale discount – snatch it here!!!

01. 1/f²–Rauschen (Braunes Rauschen)
02. Excrements Of The Sun
03. Toxic Environment
04. Massendelikt
05. VEI 8
06. End In Vomit
07. Workuta
08. Zivilisationsautismus
09. Eremitenland
10. Handle The Flag
11. Nogeun-ri
12. Freiheitszerstörer
13. Zersetzungsmaßnahme
14. Perfect Day In A Perfect World
15. Cold Dead Hands