Finally it’s done, the 4 Californian Death Metal sickheads RUDE strikes back with 9 new tracks & their 2nd full length album „Remnants…“ is close to be unleashed soon!

39 minutes of classic Death Metal authentic & rawer than ever before, full of rage & energy.
Expect an pure old school Death Metal bastard in the vein of early PESTILENCE, MORBID ANGEL & DEATH. It will be out in the D.D.R. Tape Series #022 timely for the „California Death Over Europe Tour in may 2017“! Be RUDE or die! Pre-sale with 10 % discount – doors are open now.

You are the sacred virus that blinds the world with icons.
you are the timeless cancer nesting in minds of nonsense.

This is only an excerpt from the new WOUND album „Engrained
So you´re ready for an outstanding new album on Tape?

Finally “Engrained” is OUT NOW – limited to 300 copies, handnumbered edition of the D.D.R. Tape Series #21. All you need for cold Winter-Nights are a nice WOUND Tape – get it!

SLEDGEHAMMER NOSEJOB album „Stop! Hammertime!“ is finally out on CD!
We are proud to announced this new beast of an album is ready for shipping now!

Let´s bring you 10 some mercilessly catchy, almost shameless Rot’n’Roll-ish Tracks – direct in your face! SLEDGEHAMMER NOSEJOB’s music style varies from bombastic death metal to groovy rock & roll and from energetic thrash to angry crustpunk!

Check out also the Bundles with new T-Shirt+CD under the new Defying Danger Banner Dangerous Death! Limited Vinyledition will follow soon!

Sledgehammering Klein Buckow! SLEDGEHAMMER NOSEJOB are confirmed now for the
up-coming Gahlen Moscht Open Air 2017! Visit the guys and packs a punch, kicks some asses and causes a good time. See ya on this big party!


Last words in 2016 comes from HARMONY DIES mastermind and guitar-player Kai Mertens!

Here in a nice detailed and informative interview with Timo from Zephyrs Odem Magazine.
No more to say.

We wish you all a Happy New Year full of Death Metal & Grindcore!
With Defying Danger Records we have a lot solid plans for 2017 & we will start the new year with the Sledgehammer – stay tuned!!!


Time is ready for another gorgeous album on Tape in 2017!
We talk about WOUND from Wiesbaden with their 2nd full lenght album named „Engrained“.

WOUND will be back more than 3 years after the successful debut „Inhale The Void“
in February 2017 with their brandnew 8-tracker inlcuded 46 minutes of classic outstanding blackened Death Metal coupled with thrashy inserts.

DEFYING DANGER RECORDS can bring this nice musically crossbreed to your home
as limited edition of 300 handnumbered units Tapeversion.

The D.D.R. Tape Series # 021 will be run out on a cold, dark day and
so we look forward to the 2nd february 2017! Pre-sale starts soon.

In the waiting period, you can visit the new videoclip „Morbid Paradigm“
A part of our cruel reality today!

Folks! SLEDGEHAMMER NOSEJOB „Stop! Hammertime!“ album release party will be on 4th february 2017 at „Het Podium“ in the Hammers hometown Hoogeveen. Metal Masters ENTRAPMENT and MANIC ADRIFT join forces this event. Headbang to the max!
Cheers, and beers – Party, Party, Party!


Celebrate the Tape Cult with us-here comes our brandnew release!
REVEL IN FLESHEmissary Of All Plagues“ the limited to 300 copies, handnumbered edition is available now for each well sorted Tape shelf

Great old school Death Metal in the true classic swedish way – OUT NOW as once more classic Cassette-Version at the D.D.R. Tape Series #18!
Be aware-to use only for all old school Death Metal Maniacs – Get it!

Unstoppable Sledgehammer – be aware the new  Sledgehammer Nosejob album
“Stop! Hammertime!“ out 16th january 2017 – Expect to be pounded as well!
So you´re interested in extreme face corrections?
Here you can follow the Sledgehammer Bitch!


Today we’re happy to share some great news with you guys.
The filthy old school Death Metal demolition squad REVEL IN FLESH stikes back!
Their long awaited new album is already recorded and mixed with the king of SweDeath himself, Dan Swanö. This brandnew 10 track killer recordings will be named
“Emissary Of All Plagues“.

Defying Danger Records is proud to present from this amazing new masterpiece in old school Death Metal a very limited Tape Edition for collectors only! This will be striclty limited to 300 handnumbered copies, released at the D.D.R. Tapeseries #18

It sees the light of day on the day of the 12th of december 2016 to cover everything with fuckin´ darkness!

As foretaste, there is this official lyric-video from the titel track of the album “Emissary Of All Plagues“ – play it loud!